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Branchflowers UK
Lucasaide Office,
Chelston Enterprise Centre, Castle Road,
Wellington, Somerset,
TA21 9JQ


UK & World Wide Service
Garage Equipment Money Savers

FREE! Fast confidential - Equipment Consultation Service to the Garage, Commercial Vehicle, Truck, Construction Industry and Teaching Profession.
WE DO NOT SELL - we are completely Independent and our aim is to Save you Money when you buy any type or make of Equipment
FREE – Technical advice on any Garage Product or Project including MOT & ATF appointments

This is how it works-

  • Step 1 - You contact me and let me know your requirements
  • Step 2 - I will search all available and suitable products from a number of reputable manufacturers and Official Distributors in the UK
  • Step 3 – I will contact you with my recommendations and discus the results with you to make sure it’s what you require
  • Step 4 - When you have decided on the equipment you require, I will in complete confidence, negotiate with the Manufacturer or Official Distributors to get you the best possible price available. Even if you have already been quoted ,by a supplier, I will do my best to get you a better price and deal and SAVE YOU MONEY
  • Step 5 – If you want to go ahead and Order. On your behalf I will contact the supplier with full details of the Order requirements and instruct them to contact you directly. You will then Order directly from the chosen supplier at the terms agreed. If you require finance it can be arranged by the supplier or you can use your own preferred finance supplier
  • Step 6 - My service to you is completely FREE ALL payments are made directly to the supplier of the Equipment at the agreed price

All Equipment supplied will be Delivered, Installed and Commissioned on site with full manufacturers warranty

Full Service and Calibration Contracts are also available

To take the 1st step, just contact –

Geoff Branchflower. MIMI. - in complete confidence
E-mail – info@branchflowers.co.uk
Tel. 0044 (0)1823 617 900
Why wait - You have nothing to lose and BIG savings could be gained

Our range covers most items of Equipment required for the UK Garage trade and includes:-

  • Air Conditioning
  • Brake Testers for Class I & II - Motor Cycle
  • Brake Testers for Class IV ,V & VII - Car, Van & Light Commercials
  • Vehicle Diagnostics for Car & Trucks
  • Handheld Diagnostic Testers
  • Mikuni Air Heaters and Water Heaters for Car, Van, Motor Home, Truck Bus and Marine.
  • Gas & Smoke Analysers for Car & Truck
  • Portable Gas & Smoke Analysers for MOT & non MOT Garages
  • Headlamp Aligners for Car & Truck
  • MOT Bay packages- VOSA approved for Class IV & VII. ATL – Standard 2 man Testing
  • ATL – One Man Testing- MOT packages – VOSA approved for Class IV & VII
  • MOT Bay packages for Motor Cycle Class I & II
  • Motor Cycle Workshop Equipment including Lifts, Radius Plates, Alignment Tools
  • MOT- PIT mounted Equipment including ‘Shaker & Radius Plates’
  • Garage & MOT workshop essentials & consumables, MOT Signs, MOT Tools & Tool Boards, CCTV, Mirrors, Brake Pedal Depressors, Speed Setters, LED Hand Lamps, Class IV & VII Radius Turning Plates, Safes, First Aid Kits, Spill Kits, Trade Plate Holders, Brake Fluid Testers
  • Brake Roller Gritting Kits and Re-Gritting service
  • Wheel Balancers and Tyre fitting equipment
  • Electronic Brake Meter – Approved for MOT use can be used for Car, Motor Cycle, Quad Bikes,4x4, HGV, Bus & Coach Brake Testing
  • Vehicle Inspection Pits for DIY fitting
  • Automotive Training Equipment for Technical Colleges & Vehicle Training providers.
  • Commercial Vehicle Pits, Brake Testers, Smoke Analysers and Headlight Aligners


Range of Fully Automatic Air Conditioning Workstations with Integrated Nitrogen Pressure Testing.
Click here for Air Conditioning Equipment


MOT- VOSA approved - Roller Brake Testers for Class I & II Motor Cycles
MOT- VOSA approved – Roller Brake Testers for Class III,IV,V & VII Motor Vehicles
MOT- VOSA approved – Roller Brake Testers for Trucks and PSV and ATF Test Stations
Click here for Brake Testers


Branchflowers UK supply a comprehensive range of Diagnostic Test Equipment for every make of Car, Van, Truck & Bus
Click here for Vehicle Diagnostics


Complete range of Hand Held Testers including – Multi-Meters –Battery Testers –Discharge Testers – Probe – Voltmeter/Ammeter sets –
Click here for Handheld Testers


Combined Gas & Smoke Analysers – Gas Analysers – Diesel Smoke Analysers – 3 & 5 Year Total Care Programmes- Calibrations.
Click here for Gas & Smoke Analysers


Mot APPROVED and Non MOT Portable Gas and Smoke Analysers.
Click here for Portable Gas & Smoke Analysers


MOT approved Head Lamp Aligners for Cars and Commercial Vehicles.
Click here for Headlamp Aligners


Class I & II Motor Cycle MOT- VOSA Approved Testing Equipment Packages Class III,IV,V and VII Car, Van & Light Commercial MOT-VOSA Approved Testing Packages. ATF- VOSA approved Workshop Packages for Truck, Bus & Coach workshops.

Branchflowers UK supply complete MOT approved Workshop packages for Garages and MOT Centres.
A complete Installation service for your New MOT Testing Bay.
Workshop Design and Layout, VOSA Plans, Full Equipment Package supply.
Standard 2 Man Bays – Automatic Test Lanes (ATL) and upgrades to One Person Testing Lanes.
Pit Mount – 4 Post Lifts & Scissor Lifts.
Options include Suspension Testing – Play Detectors - Wheel Alignment

Click here for MOT Approved Workshop Packages

VOSA Approved Trailer Socket Tester

VOSA Approved Trailer Socket Testing Equipment

Click here for Trailer Socket Testing Equipment


Class I & II MOT Testing Equipment, Lifts and servicing equipment

Click here for Motor cycle Equipment


Wheel Balancers and full range of Tyre Fitting Equipment – Laser Wheel Alignment Equipment

Click here for Wheel/Tyre Equipment


Full range of Garage & MOT Approved essentials and consumables.

Click here for Garage & MOT essentials


Complete range of Training Simulators for Automotive Colleges and Training Centres

Click here for Automotive Training Equipment


Class IV & Class VII - VOSA Approved Inspection Pits.
Delivered fully completed- for your own Installation.
Commercial Vehicle Inspection Pits made to the length you require.

Delivered fully kitted out with Lighting and Electrics for your own installation

Click here for Vehicle Inspection Pits

Orderline: Freephone: 0800 731 8581 Orderline: Freephone: 0800 731 8581 Orderline: Freephone: 0800 731 8581 Email: info@batmanuk.com